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Endodontics is the dental specialty that focuses on treating diseases of the inside of the tooth. Root canal therapy is the most commonly performed endodontic treatment.


If you have a tooth that continuously is painful, creates swelling in the gum and sometimes face or neck, you may need endodontic services (a root canal).

Root canal therapy is the most commonly performed endodontic treatment; other endodontic treatments include endodontic retreatment when a root canal therapy procedure has failed. Luckily, root canal therapy is typically successful at treating problems with severe decay and infected pulp. Because we’re committed to offering a wide variety of dental care treatments, Masters Dental & Aesthetic Center offers endodontic treatments like root canal therapy to help you return your smile to great health when damage has occurred.

Why would you need root canal therapy?

When a cavity has become very large, it might break through all the layers of your tooth and open up the root canal to exposure. The root canal is where the pulp of your tooth resides. This pulp contains nerves and blood vessels, and this is what keeps a tooth “alive.” When it becomes exposed, it will increase tooth sensitivity and possibly lead to infection, which can turn into an abscess and threaten your ability to keep the tooth if untreated. Root canal therapy is a way to avoid having an infected tooth extracted.

How does endodontic treatment work?

Root canal therapy involves removing damaged pulp from the tooth and thoroughly cleaning out the root canals. We’ll fill the canals with a special material and cap the tooth with a crown. Many patients worry that root canal therapy will be uncomfortable, but as you can see, the procedure is relatively simple, and by using modern techniques we can make the entire process more comfortable than you’d expect. Also, endodontic treatment can help you avoid the extra expense and treatment that comes from having a tooth removed..